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    it seems that the last update of Analytics has a problem with fancybox plugins.

    I use Easy Fancybox, but I have also tried another couple and they have the same problem: images pop up correctly but after a couple of seconds they just go fullscreen. The only way to go pack to the web page is to use the browser back button.

    The problem could be in the outbound link tracking behavior, but I have not found it in the settings.

    Could you please help? Should I wait for a plugin update or downgrade to a previous release?

    Many thanks in advance.


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  • Hi Anthyx,

    I have the same problem with this fancybox, lightbox and stuff. I think this is because of the Tracking of Outbound Links and Downloads with Javascript.

    If your dont need to track them, change the setting to “No” if you need them, I guess we’ll have to wait for a solution to pop-up.


    Same problen with lightbox.

    Tried to find the problem inside the code, the consolelog is pointing yo frontend.js inside the plugin. But sadly couldn’t find a fix or override for it.

    Would be nice if the plugin builders would reply on this.

    Plugin Author chriscct7


    Hi there,
    The 6.0.15 release to fix this issue is out


    Great! Thanks for the quick(er then expected) reply.


    This update fixed my Lightbox issues, but created a new issue where none of my links work on WP 4.7.3. They work fine on 4.7.2, but not on 4.7.3 (I have different sites). When I disable your plugin, everything works fine again. So uh….

    EDIT : Maybe 4.7.2 isn’t working properly either, getting mixed results. Probably a caching issue giving me inconsistent results, but still fairly confident it’s your plugin update breaking links.

    Seriously, this plugin doesn’t need to be very complicated. I’m not sure why you guys feel the need to keep updating it and “Improving” it. The number one goal should be to not break anything. Do no harm. If your plugin breaks stuff, everyone will stop using it. Do better.

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    Disabled Javascript for tracking outbound clicks and the problem is solved. Better than disabling the entire plugin. We are using Cloudflare and Rocketscript, in case that is part of the issue and helps you diagnose.

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    Yes, I confirm, the update fixes the fancybox / lightbox issue but basically blocks every internal link.

    Problem solved disabling Javascript for tracking outbound clicks.

    Hope this will be fixed in the next update.



Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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