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  • WP version 3.03

    Regarding this plugin:

    I am having problems setting it up. The instructions on how to set it up are pretty much non-existent. All it says is to put in your facebook API key and secret, which I did.

    The button is showing, and saying its logged in or logged out, but isn’t creating an account on my WP blog. I am the only user on my blog currently. after installing this plugin, and testing it, I noticed first thing that its saying I’m logged into facebook, but it didn’t create a separate account on my WP blog.

    My email on my blog and on facebook are different so it should have created a new account, but it didn’t, so I don’t know what the deeal is with that? Am I supposed to install something else to get this to work? Does it require XFBML code or whatever thats called? because this plugins documentation says NOTHING about how to install the dang thing! other then uploading the files to the wp-content directlry which everybody already knows, it doesn’t say anything else about installing it.


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  • apparently it uses some new facebook API key, which apparently only the author knows anything about… I knew about this new XFBML shortcode stuff whatever its called facebook is now using, but there are no instructions ANYWHERE ON THE NET about how to install this XFBML code support to your wp blog? I have been googling all day and haven’t found one bit of documentation on the subject…. there’s nothing, and the author expects us to know all this crap… why do plugin authors bother putting plugins on the plugin repository without proper documentation? I see this all the time and its my biggest pet piece about plugin authors!!

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