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  • The plugin works fine. But after we unpack site on the same hosting some jpegs from media library did not import. Their filenames were in cyrillic. But wordpress say nothing on uploading images with such names.

    The plugin itself never show any warning that some files are missing. It was pure luck, that the site itself is very simple, and we saw those missing files immediately after import. So we just moved the site in manual, as usual.

    The most funny is the text in the end which says something like “go pro”. If this thing cannot work in free mode, then what to wait in pro version?

    I am just curious, is only Đ¯ussian alphabet in trouble, or other non ascii named files are also ignored?

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  • Plugin Author Cory Lamle


    Hi @justvlade,

    Thanks for the feedback! On the scan of your site during the build, there should have been a notice for any non-ascii characters. With some earlier version of PHP there are issues with non-ascii character sets, something we haven’t quite been able to pin down on those versions due to PHP lack of utf8 support on some of their functions. This is why the scanner tries to bring it to users attention. A few questions:

    1. Did you happen to see any notices on the scanner?
    2. What version of PHP are you using?

    Hope you can reconsider your vote…


    We use the default for the Beget hosting. Now this is 5.6 version. Did not heard any problems with utf8 in php for a while. Maybe some very, I mean VERY old versions…

    The WordPress is installed with the control panel of the Beget hosting provider. I am pretty sure that it is up to date and utf8 ready. If not, then WordPress pretty bad. But I do not think so.

    Yes there where two notices for some zip archives, which were “big”, 3 Mb and 5 Mb, some libraries or so. Nothing about Cyrillic files.

    Do not worry, the votes here are last for 3 month, as I heard. Also the votes are deleted after new version of product is released.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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