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    We’ve been trying to implement this plugin on our site ( for the last 6 weeks, but am unable to get it to function properly. For the most part, the plugin doesn’t seem to be adhering to the settings we have specified in the admin panel.

    We’re using WooCommerce Local Pickup plugin in addition to the Order Delivery Date plugin. The customer has the option to choose either Local Pickup (which is free) or a Flat-rate local delivery option (that costs $7.95).

    We only deliver on Saturdays between the hours of 3pm and 5pm and so we have the Delivery Days field set to only “Saturday”.

    Our cut-off for ordering is Thursday at 4pm, so I’ve set the Minimum Delivery Time to be 47 hours so that if the customer was to place an order on Thursday at 5pm, the Order Delivery Date plugin would not allow the upcoming Saturday to be an option for delivery, forcing them to choose the following Saturday (or later).

    So a few problems we’ve run into and have been unable to resolve:
    1. We’d like for it to auto-populate the first “available” delivery date, however when this option is chosen in the admin panel, it doesn’t auto-populate the first “available” date (which would be the next Saturday because we ONLY deliver on Saturdays); instead it populates the first date after the 47 hour minimum delivery time requirement. So if we order today, it will make January 16th the auto-populated date. It should instead be January 20th. (We’ve consulted your tutorials section on this feature, but the tutorial seems to be missing:

    2. We’d also like for the Delivery Date to be a mandatory field, but ONLY if Shipping is chosen by the customer. If the customer chooses “Local Pickup”, then the Delivery Date should not be required. Unfortunately, it is, and so if the customer chooses “Local Pickup”, then they are unable to complete the checkout process due to error validation and the Delivery Date field not being set. If we make the field NOT mandatory, and they choose Delivery, then they are able to check-out without specifying the delivery date, and because the delivery date is auto-populated to an incorrect date (as explained in issue #1), the customer is given the wrong delivery date on their order confirmation. (We’ve consulted the tutorials section on this feature, but the page doesn’t explain how we can achieve the above outcome on our own installation).

    3. We’d like to move the Delivery Date field to an alternate location on the Checkout page, where it doesn’t get buried by unrelated fields. Obviously it would make most sense for it to be placed in the Order Review table where the customer selects either Pickup or Delivery. I’ve added a row on the ‘woocommerce_after_template_part’ hook and it shows up correctly. However, because of ajax, the content of the table is being updated continuously and prevents the firing of the delivery date field, making it useless. We’ve since placed it in the additional fields section of the checkout page, but unfortunately, customers don’t see the field there and they end up submitting their order without selecting a delivery date (as explained in #2). We could place it in either the Billing or Shipping section, but again, it doesn’t really make sense since logic would dictate that a customer would select the Delivery Date at the same time as they choose “Delivery” as their chosen shipping option.

    We’d really like to order the paid plugin (due to the extra features it would provide us), but with having so many issues with the free plug-in, we’re extremely hesitant to even consider it. It’s been 6 weeks now of trying to sort out these checkout issues, and every week we’re losing customers because either we have to correct their order when they’ve checked out incorrectly, or they simply abandon the checkout after being frustrated with the process.

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Plugin Author komal-maru


    Hi Michael,

    Thank you for providing us the URL of your website, for detail explanation of the issues which you are facing on your site and for providing us the blog post’s link which you have used to refer to.

    1) I have replicated the issue on our staging site by setting the settings as per the screenshot:

    The wrong delivery date is auto-populated in the Delivery Date field, the first available delivery date is auto-populated and it is not considering the calculation of the disabled days.

    I will work on the issue on our staging site and I will get back to you with an update until then if you want you can disable the ‘Auto-populate first available Delivery date’ setting present under the Date Settings tab on your site.

    Just for information, in order to accept the orders until Thursday 4:00 PM for Saturday delivery, the Minimum Delivery time is to be set to 56 hours.

    The Minimum Delivery time can be set in a manner like 24 * 2 (days) + 8 (the hours after which the day should be unavailable which is after 4:00 PM in your case).

    The Minimum Delivery time setting will calculate the minimum hours based on the set WordPress timezone.

    2) Currently, our Lite version plugin is not compatible with Local Pickup Plus plugin and different custom delivery settings cannot be set for different shipping methods which are added for WooCommerce Shipping Zones.

    But, this feature is possible in our Pro version where different custom delivery settings can be set for different shipping methods which are added for WooCommerce shipping zones.

    For any queries related to Pro version, please contact us through our forum or through our site.

    I am attaching links for your convenience: ,

    3) We have tried to place the Delivery Date field as a separate row after the Shipping row in our Pro version but we were facing the ajax issue which you have mentioned.

    Due to which we have not implemented that as an option in our plugin.

    We would suggest you place the Delivery Date fields after the Your order table and before the Payment section in order to avoid the mentioned issue.

    In order to achieve this requirement, you can use the hook ‘woocommerce_review_order_before_payment’ which will allow to place the custom fields between the Your Order table and the Payment section.

    The blog post which you are referring to is the Pro version’s blog posts.

    Komal Maru

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