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  • Hi All,

    My boss wanted to have a logo in the header of our website but since our logo didn’t have the square 150×150 dimension I had to modify my child theme a little. I used the method suggested here which worked like a charm on the frontend. Btw, I changed my child theme via de WP Dashboard -> Appearance -> Editor.

    But now I do have a little problem with my backend (dashboard). Whenever I change something (like change some code in the editor, or add a picture), the change will happen, but I will get a blank screen and cannot get back to the dashboard unless I open a new window and go there (I’m not being logged out or anything).
    And the media library is also not accessible when I try to add a picture.

    This all started to happen once I added the code for the logo in the child theme functions-file. Does anyone have a clue how this could be related? Thanks!

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  • I did some research myself and came across this article which states the following:

    I’ve been doing a lot of testing today and it turned out that the best course of action if you experience issues with the Media Manager is as follows:

    Change your theme to Twenty Twelve (the new default theme introduced by WordPress 3.5). If this solves your issue, then you should check your theme. Most probably it is loading some JavaScript files or even an entire version of jQuery in its functions.php file. In addition, you can contact your theme developer for assistance.

    I tried it and didn’t experience any problems under Twenty Twelve with the Medi Manager. So hopefully you can tell me whether you have some JavaScript files or jQuery connected to your functions.php file, Caroline, because I’m afraid I’m still too new at this to figure this out myself. Thanks!

    Theme Author Caroline Moore


    We need more information to help. Can copy & paste the entire contents of your child theme’s functions.php? When you deactivate your child theme and activate Spun, does the problem persist? Also, try deactivating any plugins to rule out a conflict there.

    The Javascript/jQuery in Spun itself is working fine on its own, so unless you’ve modified it in your child theme, there’s probably another explanation.

    Hi Caroline,

    Thanks for your quick response. After reading yit, I was convinced that it had to be my child theme functions.php and I figured out what the problem was…my inexperience with coding. 🙂

    My functions.php file already contained this piece of code

    // remove version info from head and feeds
    function complete_version_removal() {
        return '';
    add_filter('the_generator', 'complete_version_removal');

    so I figured I needed to close this with ?>

    Then after reading your post it dawned on me that this ?> might be the root of all evil and after removing it, everything seems to work like a charm again.

    So thanks for your response and your time because it put me on the right track and helped me solve the problem.


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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