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  • I tried installing the Dark Maple theme by copying it into the theme directory (I’m using the latest stable release of wordpress) and for some reason wordpress doesn’t like it, when I go to the theme manager when it’s in the directory I don’t get a list of themes or anything – it just manages to somehow break the whole page. Any ideas?

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  • Yup.

    It’s the very first character in the stylesheet /
    Somehow, that is not correctly saved and when WP looks, it sees the next character which is a * and then just prints the lot.

    Download the style.css from the theme directory.
    Open it in Wordpad, notepad, notepad++ or some other plain text editor.
    Do NOT use anything made by adobe or macromedia

    Delete the /*
    Type a new /*

    Save the file. Upload, see what happens.

    hmm, I tried doing that in textedit and it didn’t seem to make any difference

    That’s the css.
    Try copying that file up to your site ?

    no, that still doesn’t work, which is weird.

    Can you try a different ftp client maybe ?
    Somewhere something is probably adding some hidden characters to the file, or is incorrectly encoding the /

    oops, never mind, I worked it out – I’d got my permissions mixed up

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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