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  • Hey all,

    I’ve been posting pictures (using Custom Field > Key > Image) alongside my posts for a few weeks now but all of a sudden, the images are appearing distorted, or not showing up at all. My lead story right now shows an empty space the size of the image that’s supposed to be there. And my first feature story shows a distorted image…so both examples are right there on my homepage…

    Any ideas?


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  • Here is the fix from hostgator.

    The reason they were not loading previously was because the way your sites are loading the images, by sending the full image link URL through a PHP script to re-size the images, was tripping a mod_security rule that was causing the server to throw a 503 forbidden error for security reasons.

    I’ve added both domains to a whitelist on the server which will disable that specific mod_security rule for the two sites.

    My sites are now working. If anyone else is having the same problem this might be the solution.

    Hey Adam, I was thinking how to add an image along with a post and I came to the conclusion that using a custom field is the ideal way, so could you tell me what WP tag can parse the actual value of the custom field so that I can show images related to my posts?

    To the last question above, I think you’re looking for this,

    or this plugin to do the same thing,




    iamhereonline: how did you add domains to whitelist on the server? is it using the htaccess file? Can you / or anyone explain the procedure (using code examples if possible) to show how do this.

    Many thanks in advance 🙂

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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