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    Any that know how to make the coupon code 100% invisble for visitors on my site? Because when they go to the coupon code area (Discount Code) then if they right click and press “View elements” then they can see the coupon code. Is there any way to do so they cant see the code?

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    Thanks for using Caldera Forms. At this time we do not have real discount code functionality. So using conditional logic based on the hidden field is the only way.

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    I already made it by using caldera forms. But the problem is they can see what the code is when they view it in elements rough Google. Is there a way to disable that?

    I think I may have come up with a workaround for this issue that is working on my site.

    First create a variable:

    I’ll name it “disc_amt” and set the value to the amount of your coupon (example: “20” if you are offering a $20.00 off coupon).

    Then create 3 fields as follows:

    • Field type: single-line-text; name: “coupon_code”
    • Field type: hidden field; name: “disc_multiplier”; value: 1
    • Field type: calculation field; name: “discount_amount”; calc: “var:disc_amt” x “disc_multiplier”

    Next, create a condition called “discount”

    • Set it to SHOW and select fields “discount_amount” and “disc_multiplier”
    • Then set the logic to: IF “disc_code” IS “type your actual coupon code here” (example: “$20_Off_Sale_Coupon”).
    • If everything is correct, when the proper coupon code is entered, the field “discount_amount” will be displayed with the value: $20.00 (Note: because this is a calculation field, you have the option to set the way the number is displayed). Now add the “discount_amount” field to whatever calculation you already are using to arrive at the grand total amount.

      This can also be used with multiple coupon codes, simply by adding conditions for each code, and an additional variable for each discount amount.

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