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  • Hello,

    I need “convert” MS Word documents (really long, ol ul li styling etc, from our lawyer – it looks cool in MS Word).
    I thought it would not be a problem, but after I spend whole day to figure out how to done it Im exhausted … it doesnt work:
    I just copied document content and paste it to editor, problem is that this proces everytime completely mess up ol ul li html element, so styling is broken. It looks like it starts adding html marks right, but it mess up closing element.

    Is there right way to convert MS Word documents to WP page (ol ul li included)?
    Thanks you

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  • Hey,

    Have you tried a plugin to help with this? Here’s just an example that I found on a quick search: Please give it a try and tell me how it works 🙂

    Thanks you, yes, Ive tried that, but I would rather have text directly in editor.


    Is there any chance that you could attach a document that you want to copy to a page from your WordPress site, please? I just want to see if I can find any trick to do this without any plugin.

    Hi, of course yes here is example.

    Thanks you

    Hi @gorem,

    I tried to open the just simply paste the text in a new page and all the tags are fine. Can you try, just as a test, to upload the document to Google Docs and copy everything from that place? Maybe this editor is a bit smarter and keeps all the tags on the right place.

    HM, it is not working, ÚVODNÍ USTANOVENÍ should be OL with number 1, but it is UL and it is not closed very soon – it should be closed at the end of document.
    (Next) I have useless empty OL with number 1 and than next OL with number 1.1.

    Im on WP 4.9.8. Do you have any tweaks in editor?

    Thanks you


    I just checked once again your text document but I think that the way it’s created is the problem here. As I can see, some lists are started, stopped right after the first item like Čím se řídíme při nakládání s osobními údaji?, added some text and the next item, Co jsou osobní údaje?, is not recognized as a list item connected to Čím se řídíme při nakládání s osobními údaji?. I just checked the structure of the document and this is the only explanation that I could find for this copy/paste difference. In this case, I think that using an additional plugin is the only solution.

    Hi, thanks you for your explanation, I thought, that it will be this problem, but I was curious, that _doc are working without problems on all platforms exclude WP.
    I decided to rework all documents manually… it took me 4 days, but… it is done.
    Thanks you

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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