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Problems with committing new version, anyone?

  • I’m the developer of Duplicate Post plugin, yesterday I tagged a new version (2.5) and updated Stable Tag in trunk/readme.txt, but after a whole night the button still said “Download version 2.4.1” even if it was linked to duplicate-post.2.5.zip (not duplicate-post.zip…).
    Morevover, in Developers section version 2.5 wasn’t listed, and none of my sites got an update notice for my plugin.
    That happened while 2.5/readme.txt was correctly displayed.

    I thought that using Eclipse’s tagging function could be the source of the problem, so I tagged version 2.6 “by hand” (creating the folder, adding it version control, copying there the files from trunk, committing) and then changing again Stable Tag in trunk/readme.txt: same result. Now version 2.5 is listed in Developers section, 2.6 isn’t, and the button still says “Download version 2.4.1” while it’s linked to duplicate-post.2.6.zip.
    readme.txt from 2.6 is displayed.

    It’s been a couple of years since I last tagged a new version here, so I don’t know if there have been any changes, but it doesn’t seem so by re-reading the help pages in the Developer centre.
    Is there anything going wrong with the Plugin Directory? Does any fellow plugin developer experienced a similar behaviour?

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