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  • Dear all – If anyone could help me I’d be hugely grateful.

    Two days ago my site, , started developing problems.

    Initially my blog page stopped working, with a 404 notice saying that the site was pointing to /categories/blog/ – which was wrong as should have been /blog/.

    I changed this, and now the blog works. But other problems still exist.

    If you try to click on any Permalink, and try to access the Comments, or click on the “read more here” link, the user is always sent to the blog page. What is strange is that the links have the right URLs. But yet still they dont work properly.

    Can anyone tell me why?

    I am too dumb to be able to have done this myself, and I fear it a bug in WordPress.

    Can anyone help?

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  • You have different content at

    So, do you have two (2) WP installations? What kind of redirects are you talking about? (Just a note: WP hates “tricky” redirects and in most of the cases refuses to work properly.)

    We have one WP installation. Within the programme itself we have the option to choose what pages the posts appears on.

    If you try to click on the title of a post on the goals page for example the link will not be a Permalink, but the link redirects you to the top of the blog page. Before you click, see that the link appears to suggest that you’ll get the Permalink, but it doesnt work.

    Thanks for responding. Its greatly appreciated.

    OK, let’s try again…

    Where is WP installed? In the root or in the /blog directory?
    Which version?
    What method is used to have displayed stuff at the root level (

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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