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  • Hi there!
    Thanks for making a great looking theme!! 🙂
    I’m using it to build a site for a friends company at

    But I’m having problems with the columns on the main page with ie7 and earlier. It occurs when I chose to use more than 3 articles on the main page. I use WordPress 2.7.1 and the latest Magazine Basic.

    It looks like this in ie:

    Any help would be very helpful!! 🙂

    Thanks in advance,


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  • It also spills over a bit in Safari (Win/3.2.2).

    How have you set the column width – have you used width, min-width, max-width or margin to space them out. It would appear that the columns aren’t wide enough for the text to fit in or the border is too far to the left so is overlapping with text.

    Well, u can download the theme to take a look urself – I’m a complete newbie to css 😉
    But as far I can see it doesn’t use min-width at all and the width is declared with 32.5% in the 3-column.

    So, you haven’t edited it at all???

    Nope, I’ve tried to change some values in the css but nothing seems to help 🙁

    How very strange. I couldn’t give you a fix as it’d take me a bit too much time to start messing around with themes and browsers.

    Have you contacted the theme author? Or tried to find a more recent version?

    Hi again!
    A friend helped me to tweak the css so now it looks quite ok with 5 articles on the front page. But if we add more articles everything looks strange.

    But its ok for now!

    Hey all,

    I have fixed the issues with the alignment in version 2.4.4 which I just uploaded to It should be available shortly.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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