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    Hey guys, I recently launched a “takeover” for my site, and the advertiser received rights to the background, side and header. This has went well in the past put for some reason its acting really strange. I went in and uploaded a new background and header, but only the background is showing up. I changed the coding in the stylesheet, but it took the site to register the change a good 10-15 mins. I’m hoping the banner will change in that time, but I have yet to see a change. I don’t understand why it is do this. Also another strange thing is that the background doesn’t show up in the page source when I look at from the homepage (right click view source). I’m no web designer as you can probably guess, but any insight would be really helpful. Maybe there’s a better way to change the background and header, but I would love to know. Thanks again!

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  • Another thing I noticed is that when I changed browsers, it is showing my original background and not the new one. Again I would love some help.

    That’s almost surely due to caching on your site – this plugin looks to be active:

    <!– Performance optimized by W3 Total Cache. Learn more:

    Minified using disk: basic
    Page Caching using disk: enhanced

    Served from: @ 2013-03-31 18:04:33 by W3 Total Cache –>

    Look in the plugins settings for a way to flush the cache.

    Should I just deactivate the plug-in this month?

    No, caching prevents it from showing updates right away. If you have questions about that specific plugin, you can get info and help on the plugins page –

    See the various tabs – for help after reading the documentation, you can post on the support forum for that plugin.

    For the time being, can you just give me a quickfix? I don’t really have time to dig around. Is there a quickfix?

    NVM, looks like I did some caching and it finally worked

    Haven’t used it myself, but

    Look in the plugins settings for a way to flush the cache.

    Make sure you’re clearing your browser cache as well.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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