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  • I run World Press on Xampp and try to create child themes, but it doesn,t work. I can create child themes on another, external server so I know how to handle them, but on this Xampp installation I can neither import an xlm-file in child format or make independent child themes. They don’t show up under Available themes, so I can’t activate them. Does anybody have a clue to why? Grateful for an answer.

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  • Let’s assume that it is a server issue, as you say, the first thing that comes to my mind is that you have owner/group/permissions problems. Check that the permissions are the same for the broken child theme as for the theme(s) that do work. Also, try switching to some other theme and back again.

    How do I check the permissions?

    Well, you are using XAMPP. Are you on Linux, Windows, or Mac?

    I’m on Windows 7, actually. thanks for answering.

    Ok. Good. I have a Windows 7 box handy. 🙂

    Unfortunately, it is not as easy to manipulate permissions on Windows as on Linux. You need to browse to the directory in question and right click it to get the popup window. Find ‘Properties’ at or near the bottom and click it. You’ll get another window. Go to the ‘Security’ tab. Now look at the Group and User name list, then look at the window below that list. Those are the permissions for that file or folder for the several groups and users. If you click on the ‘Advanced’ button, and then go to the ‘Owner’ tab you can see who the file owner is. By clicking yet another button, ‘Change Permissions’, to get yet another window you can edit the permissions. You’ll need to compare a working theme with a broken one, so lots of button clicking.

    If it were Linux I you could run ls -l in the parent directory and get the same information and more in a nice neat list. I love Linux. 😉

    Maybe Xampp has something built in that would make that easier. I’m not sure though.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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