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    A recent update results in the Checkout page not allowing a customer to enter their shipping zipcode so tax and shipping is not calculated. There used to be a box for that information, but it has gone away. I don’t collect any other user information at the time of checkout since I only accept paypal and it is all captured there.

    “Calculate Shipping Price
    Please specify shipping location below to calculate your shipping costs”

    Even though I have used this program for 2 years, I am a novice user.

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  • @cf02, we can take a look at that for you, can you post a screen shot of your checkout settings page so that we can replicate your configuration?


    Uploaded screenshot here.

    No other boxes are checked on the page below “Checkout with Paypal (account not required)”

    You should try enabling the postal code checkout items. One of the defect fixes in the last release was to make sure that the postal code, states and a couple other things do not show if a store administrator asks that they be hidden.

    Also, another fix was that the zip code field in the shipping calculator will only show if one of the shipping methods requires the zip code

    Hi Jeff,
    I really appreciate the help you are providing for my website:

    I fix one item and another crop up. Would you like me to continue to post screen shops?
    I’ve also accidentally created a “checkout2” page. Would like to know how to delete that as well.


    Happy to help. If you are having other issues maybe it might be worth trying a less customized configuration of WPeC checkout? Let WPeC collect the information, then pass it to PayPal using the payment gateway.

    Post back your other issues.

    You should be able to delete an extra page using the WordPress page maintenance screens in admin.


    Thanks so much. I will take each item as they appear. First, my success: I was able to delete the checkout2 page (delete permanently, not just put in the ‘trash’ was required.

    1. I have a flat shipping of $4. It did not show on the checkout page, so I selected Table Rate just to give that a whirl, before switching back to Flat Rate. On the Checkout page, it shows Table Rate of $4. I cannot get Flat Rate to appear.

    2. Sales Tax is not being calculated. A screenshot of my settings: [IMG][/IMG]

    3. On the Checkout page, I did need to select “state” in the shipping option. It defaults to appear twice on the checkout page. Screenshot: [IMG][/IMG]

    Your help is appreciated!

    I have tried the very generic settings for WPeC Checkout in hopes of enabling the Flat Rate Shipping option, but have not gotten it to work. On the Checkout page, it comes back with this error:

    “Please confirm the shipping method selection, then we can process your order.”

    But there are no options provided.

    I was hoping to get a reply for these issues to get back up and running. My cart has been down for several days. Am I correct that my best option is to reinstall an older version of WPeC until all the bugs are corrected?
    – Cheri

    Plugin Author Justin Sainton


    Hi CF02,

    I think our release is about ready to go – would you mind emailing credentials for your website to me at justinsainton at gmail dot com so we’re able to test and confirm it resolves your issues?

    Consider it done!

    So the solution seems to be a simple one: the “Country” as well as “State” must be enabled on the default Checkout form in order for the sales tax and shipping modules to function.

    Thanks for working it through with me Justin.

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