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  • Hiya,

    I posted in the forum here before with the question if it were possibile to have the option for articles to appear on the front page or not. I was recommended two plugins:

    Category Visibility plugin.
    Ultimate Category Excluder plugin.

    In the end, the Category Visibility plugin seemed to work best. The problem I am left with is that if users able to register and post, they will also be able to tick the ‘promoted’ category themselves… (this is the category of articles ‘promoted’ to the front page)

    I have changed the user levels in the plugin but it seems if they are any other than 0, only registered people for the level I’d specify would be able to view those posts on the front page…

    How can I as ‘Administrator’ become the only one able to tick the ‘promoted’ category on articles?


    The previous thread:

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