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  • Hi all,

    Hope you can help me a little on this. Seems like the problem is still there.
    The previous posts link kept coming on anthough there’s no more previous posts! and it only happens on categories with subcategories. One thing I am puzzled is, for the default category, the count works well, meaning, if I am to check a subcategory under my default/parent category, the default /parent category’s counts all the number of posts of its subcategories. But not when I newly created a new parent category (which won’t be the default category). When I assigned subcategories to it, and post articles to them, the counter for the parent category doesn’t count. It stays at 0.

    P.S: I need to personally check the parent categoty only the count works but this is not the case for the default category. Even tho I did not check the default category but only one of the subcategory, the default category still counts its childrens number of post. But in this case, the newly created parent category with subcategories don’t.

    Hope you know what am I trying to convey here.


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  • bfp


    ping this topic!

    just startin on wordpress and hate the non-rollup counting on categories.


    outside -> hiking
    outside -> bikes

    1 post in hiking, biking and one only in outside. If I don’t check outside AND the subcategory for 3 posts I get:

    outside (1)
    hiking (1)
    biking (1)

    I want

    outside (3) i.e. 1+1+1
    hiking (1)
    biking (1)

    I looked at the php and can code it, but it’s a non-insignificant change to list_cats – what is the alternatives?

    Sounds like this is similar to the problem I’m having. I agree, having roll-up counting for subcategories would be nice.

    Here’s a link to the support thread I opened about this topic.

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