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  • Hi

    it seems that there are Problems in the interaction with Caching plugins like WP Rocket and with starrating (at least in some Browsers like IE)

    Are you Aware of this?


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  • I’m not the developer but I wanted to point out that your statement really isn’t helpful in its current form. If you know of any issues, please identify them giving as much context as possible.

    The dev(s) have absolutely no idea what problems you are referring to, so have no chance of fixing them. However, with details I’m sure someone would be willing to take a look.

    Sorry, I will try to be more precisly.

    I installed WP-PostRatings and after activating, the Rating does not work anymore in IE


    What does “not work” mean? It doesn’t install? It doesn’t let you edit settings? You don’t see it in your plugins menu? The stars turn purple?

    Please explain the issue, and what you expected to happen. also include screenshots if at all possible.

    It means you cannot vote with the stars/ you cann’t click them

    Plugin Author Alexandre Dieulot


    When you deactivate the plugin, does it work again? Such a conflict is unlikely, but if you tell me that deactivating solves the problem I’ll investigate.



    When you deactivate the plugin, does it work again?

    –> yes


    the issue is still there

    Probably your cache plugin combines js files. You should exclude instantpage.js

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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