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  • My site takes forever to load. If I load it up in incognito the site will load up both the admin panel and front end but it takes ages (5+ min). I was recently trying mobile plugins like WP Mobile Pack and thought that was what was causing it. I deleted it but nothing has changed. Can anyone help me out with this?

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  • I have WordPress 3.7.1 loaded on my site and I noticed on Tuesday my scheduled blog articles on the backside are saying that they were published, but when I go directly to the blog page of my site the article that was supposed to display is not there. It appears to be several hours off. I set my blog articles to go out on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday at 0800. But they don’t become view-able until 0900. Today is Thursday Nov 7th and my web site is doing the same thing it did on Tuesday. I’ve already communicated with my hosting service tech support team and said it is likely a WordPress issue and they directed me here. Someone please help! My web site is

    @dwaeschle – your issue is totally unrelated to this thread – and you should always start your own thread anyway –

    @sheetskees – looks like the server is taking forever to respond at all – have you asked your hosting company about this?

    I have the same problem as Sheetskees, my blog takes very looong time to load. I have been in contact with my hosting company. They said is was a problem in WordPress, suggesting my version was old. I have been able to log in and update all versions of themes and plugins. I have even deleted larges files. Nothing helps.
    I have other WordPress sites that is working perfectly fine.

    What more can I do??

    @margtenn – you need to start your own thread if you need help on these forums. Please read –

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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