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  • Just found another bug…

    On the normal (English) version of the site, three of our five navigation menu items are set to open those links in a new page (they link to a different domain, completely)

    When I’m on the Spanish version of the site, those links do not open in a new window.

    There is absolutely something hinky going on… and we need a resolution, quickly. I have senior management breathing down my neck on this. There are press releases and a press conference centered around all of this.


    I humbly apologize… all of these issues were 100% self inflicted…

    When an HTML tag is present (especially in a link), TP (correctly) tries to have you translate each string of text separately (green arrow).

    I changed each nav link section so I could edit/translate the entire section at one time.

    Turns out that when I copied the ENGLISH version of the text, it also copied every component of that <.a> tag, including link targets and specific URLs… so everything was being hard-coded.

    I took out all the extra stuff and set the links to what I was EXPECTING them to be, and voila! It works!

    Marking this resolved, but hoping this stays up, so others don’t have a colossal brain fart like I did.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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