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  • For the past week or so, two of the IP addresses that Akismet uses have been unavailable. I’ve checked with my ISP and they tell me the problem is not at their end but with Akismet. As a result, spame getting through is increasing day-by-day.

    I’ve looked in vain for a way of contacting the people behind Akismet but nada.

    The IPs that don’t work are:


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  • How did you find those ip addresses? And how did you able to conclude that the reason spam is getting through is because of non-connectivity to them?

    The place to contact support for the akismet plugin is here:

    Let me know if you do post there so i can be able to follow that thread 🙂

    Ok, I reported the two ip addresses (taken off my Akismet page) to my isp and this is what they told me:

    I’ve just run a traceroute, which shows each step on the way to their
    network, with both of those IP addresses. Each left our network without
    problem but failed to return once entering theirs, so the problem is not
    the local firewall but with a gateway on akismet’s end. Unfortunately
    there’s little we can do aside waiting a bit for them to resolve the issue,
    or consider an alternative such as Spam Destroyer in the meantime?

    Hope this helps,

    Positive Internet Support

    I’ll repost at the address above


    FWIW, Akismet did have some outages recently –

    API outage – November 28th

    Yes I know, last week but it seems these ips never recovered.

    The devs should see your post on that forum – I posted the above before I saw you had re-posted there.

    So closing this (now duplicate) thread.

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