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  • Resolved Tim Reeves


    Hi there,

    I use Adblock Plus in Firefox, and I have it (sometimes) configured to also block social media buttons. That facility is an optional feature of the Add-On, by including (or not) Fanboy’s Social Blocking List in your subscribed filters.

    The problem is, that Juiz SPS is itself not blocked (perhaps it even can’t be blocked, as only simple HTML is included on the web page), but it’s Stylesheet is blocked. See the rule “-social-post-sharer/$~stylesheet” around line 60 of the blocking list. So what happens is, the buttons themselves are there – and function fine – but the little icons in the buttons are missing, so the buttons look wrong, incomplete.

    I think that either all of the plugin should be blocked, or none – the way it is now is neither one nor the other. I do not feel it is appropriate for me to do anything on this, Geoffrey is the author and he must decide how to jump here. It may involve contacting the author of the blocking list (Fanboy) and together work out a solution.

    My personal preference is that subscribing to the Social Blocking Filter should completely block this plugin – it does completely block most other plugins of this type, and it is only respectful if someone does not want to see social buttons that they should disappear.

    Hope this input helps towards a clean solution!

    Cheers, Tim

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  • Plugin Author Geoffrey Crofte


    Hi Tim,

    Thank you for your analyze.

    In fact, your message is not a support thread for this plugin, but for the Adblock Plus plugin.

    My plugin does its work, if someone wants to hack its feature by rewriting rules (CSS, JS, HTML) or by writing user-styles using Stylus or other Firefox plugin, it’s his own problem, not mine.

    Supporting every WordPress themes and installations is a big big work, I don’t have time to solve browsers plugins issues.

    I do a work ; you want to hack it, hack it, don’t ask me to hack my own work.

    I hope you understand. (and i hope my frenchy-english is understandable)

    Hi all,
    thanks to the feedback from Geoffrey I have now been able to customize the Plugin as I want to have it. I have documented the solution at another thread I started here, about how to add an Info button to the button row.

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