Problems with 2.7 Editor (2 posts)

  1. William Bowles
    Posted 6 years ago #

    Since installing 2.7 I've run across a couple of problems with the WP editor:

    1. When editing an image, changes don't always take eg, if I paste in a description, it's not saved when I update. This doesn't happen every time. Also, ditto altering the image eg, adding a border.

    2. Worse however, is the entire post disappearing when I update after editing. This only seems to happen after I've (tried) to edit an image.



  2. William Bowles
    Posted 6 years ago #

    More problems with 2.7's editor.

    In trying to attach a file to a post (a PDF), I used the media option from the WP editor, selected the file, uploaded then selected Insert (saving can't be used as using Insert pre-empts using it) and the file name gets inserted into the post but NO LINK!

    What gives? 2.7's editor seems to be a dog!


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