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  • Please, be aware that I am COMPLETELY new to word press.. In fact, I’m completely new to PHP in general. heh So, anyways, having mentioned that, I can continue on with my question…

    First off, yes.. I have tried contacting 1and1 about this, but haven’t really recieved a clear answer thus far. What I’m trying to figure out is this; is it possible to upload custom themes? And, if so, how is it done? I referred to the answers provided in the documention 1and1 provided, but when I ftp in I can’t seem to find the wordpress folder. Any, and all help would be totally appreciated.. thanks in advance to anyone who can help me.

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  • okay, first, a link to your site would really help with this…

    your themes folder is at wp-content/themes/ and depending on where wordpress is installed, should be easy enough to locate via FTP – but we need to know your site’s URL to help you determine where WP is installed.

    update: if your site is the one in your profile, then WP appears to be installed in your root folder. depending on the way your hosting company sets up FTP users, you may have to FTP in, and then click down through either the “www” folder, or the “html” folder, or something like that, in order to find the “wp-content” folder, and then the “themes” folder.


    I just took and downloaded an existing theme, customized it by changing the code a little, and uploaded it into my themes folder in wp-content. I put my own image where the original had been and it looks pretty nice.

    As far as seeing the wordpress folder, I’m guessing that you are you using the 1and1 control panel to ftp? I use 1and1 as my host, too. I signed in with them in the beginning when they gave space away for free, so I only have so many options with them (w/out upgrading to a paid package). I discovered, that through the 1and1 control panel (under FTP), I can only see my host directory (where my website lives). I can’t really access and edit any other files that have been uploaded there. I’ve found it easier to use additional ftp software to see and change my site files and directories.

    What I use and trust is Fetch to upload and change file permissions when needed. You can also use Dreamweaver to manage some files (but it’s tricky to use for changing file permissions). There are other ftp software programs out there, too, that will make your life easier than dealing w/the 1and1 control panel.

    I hope that helps, at least a little bit.

    it’s sounds like a 1and1 blog there are no wp folders.

    it’s some custom version of wordpress.

    1and1 problems I cannot resolve. I am very Disgruntled with them .The only way I can help is by letting you use my EASY BUTTON if you have A COMPLAINT

    Ummm…I’ve made numerous installs at using Filezilla for ftp. I can always see the folders. They are no different than anyone else.
    As far as I know they don’t have fantastico, so who installed your blog originally?

    There is not a high level folder called *wordpress* on the install anyway. I do not know 1&1 but in some hosts your files are in www and in some they are in public_html or such.

    OK there are TWO ways to run a WP blog on 1&1.

    1. One button install from the control panel – this is a custom version and you can not upload your own themes. This is almost certainly the version the OP is running).

    2. DIY install – you upload the WP files to the server via FTP and run through the standard “5 minute install”. This version can be modified however you wish and new themes can be uploaded.

    Option 1 is very easy but can’t be modified. Option 2 is easy but you need to do some learning if you want to get the most from it.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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