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  • I use Cloudflare security. Two updates ago, I no longer received the real IP addresses of visitors, but instead, got the Cloudflare portal IP addresses. Then, with 12.6.1 that was resolved. However, after updating to 12.6.2, the IP addresses showing were once again IPs from Cloudflare portal. But this time things got even weirder. With 12.6.2, the visitor count is completely screwy. On average, I get between 3K-4K unique visitors per day. But after the update, I only had about 300 unique visitors per day with 5K or 6K total visits. Which clearly doesn’t make sense.

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  • Plugin Author Mostafa Soufi



    Please go to Optimization > Resources/Information > Client Info and make sure your IP is Correctly displayed in Client IP

    Another thing, do you using any cache plugin?

    As I said, every single IP address WP Statistics captures is the Cloudflare portal IP address every visitor passes through before coming to my site. So the Client IP is not mine but the Cloudflare portal IP address.

    Cache is activated in WP Statistics. I use W3 total cache — which I clear at the end of every day.

    But, for example, yesterday’s stats:
    Total Visitors 276 (according to Google Analytics it’s about 3,000 unique visitors)
    Total Visits: 6,769

    That’s because, on average, about 100 unique visitors are coming through the same Cloudflare portal IP address. And instead of WP Statistics registering their ACTUAL IP (like it always did), it is registering the Cloudflare portal IP.

    I never had this problem with WP Statistics in the 2 years I’ve had Cloudflare. This didn’t happen until now.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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