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  • Morning,

    I decided to use the auto-upgrade feature to upgrade from 2.7 RC1 to the full version. Now I’m not sure if it’s a problem with my host but after I clicked the auto-upgrade button, it wasn’t apparent when the screen informed me that it was unpacking the core files that anything more was happening, i.e. my firefox browser wasn’t showing the loading page indicator moving. After leaving it for awhile, it seemed to have stalled so I re-loaded the page; I had to do this once more and then for a third time as it still didn’t look like it had worked. Then I was prompted with a screen asking me if I wanted to re-install WordPress because I had a the latest version, which I verfied, when I visited my dashboard.

    Everything appears to be working but the banner at the top of the page in admin, the black strip with my blogname and WordPress in it, if I recall correctly, is now blank. Though not essential, is it bug or something I can fix?

    Has anyone else had similar issues?

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  • Just to add – I just did a manual re-install of 2.7 to see if it cured the banner problem but it hasn’t. My host is

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