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  • This has happened to me twice in a row now while writing posts and trying to save them as drafts. When I click “Save Draft” I get this error message:
    “Your attempt to edit this post: “Post Title” has failed.

    Please try again.”

    But luckily when I check my drafts I can see the post – although it isn’t the most recent version that I was trying to save, some parts are missing. It looks like it’s just the version that WordPress automatically saved for me.

    This happens the first time I click “Save Draft” for each post.

    I’m wondering if is has something to do with tags – I had added tags to the posts shortly before I clicked “Save Draft”. When I check the draft that was automatically saved it doesn’t have any tags.

    This is the best place to report WordPress bugs, right?

    – Hannes

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  • Robert Kenny


    I am having issues with all of this too on 2.9

    Robert Kenny


    I finally figured this out.. looks like Gixaw plug in was the culprit.. I uninstalled and embedded a link to the chat on an inline post instead.. works fine now

    Well, I don’t have the Gixaw plugin so that wasn’t the case for me.

    Same issue here. Must be ‘some’ plugin causing the trouble, dunno which one though. Any experience from others would be appreciated.

    i’m having the same problem as well and would love to know what’s causing it. i don’t have the gixaw plugin either.

    OK I am here both as a blogger of several years and now as a beta tester with’s new AO Blog Journal postings. I have had no problems with my own postings here at WP.

    However, this new venture is a little different. I posted my profile page OK w/ attachments, pix and videos. Then I did my first post and it published fine. Then I did my second with pix and videos (no attachments) and when I hit ‘save draft’ the indicator said it had saved it and the time etc. Fine. So I hit preview and nothing happened. Thinking it was a minor glitch I hit Publish. I went to the Journal page to make sure it was there and Whoa!

    A blank post with part of the subject title there! Ditto for the ‘saved draft’ although the other (first) two ‘saved drafts’ were fine. So I redid the post. Luckily I had saved a copy in Notepad and copy/pasted it. Then I had to add all six pix and two videos as well as some minor captioning and the excerpt sector. Added the tags and the categories. Then I hit Publish and ‘draft saved’ and the time was right there. Same thing! Blank post. Blank saved draft &c.

    Emailed my admin/mod from ANOL and he said nobody else on the team was having problems. They all use XP and Windows7 on laptops. I run Windows Vista Home Premium (64 bit platform) on a Firefox 3.5.7 browser. My addons/plugins cannot be the culprits because I use the same setup PC (desktop HP Pavilion) for my other blog at WP and I have no trouble saving drafts and posting on it. I am trying (the 8th time’s the charm eh?) to post once more and then it’s time to contact Cowboy again. Wish me luck gang. I will report back with further developments- yin or yang. Sayonara my friends. Later- K&K (keimanzero)

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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