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  • Hi 🙂

    I have decided to use wordpress to make a few websites, and after installing it yesterday, have had a play around with it.

    Now one of the tips I have encountered on the net is to change the permalink structure to make it more SEO freindly…one of the recommendations was %postname%…

    However, the problem is when I change my permalink structure to this. I can create and edit pages, but they cannot be seen when accessing and viewing the website. So soon as I click on the link it will show a ‘This website cannot be found’ error on Internet Explorer…

    The links however work fine when I select one of the permalink structures already there. I cannot find a solution and this prolem.

    In regards to posts that are made you can see them, but once again when you click on the post, the same error shows up.

    Any ideas on why this is?

    Thanks in advance…

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  • Do not use only /%postname%/ as your permalink structure, you’ll only have problems.

    What would you recommend?

    Even /%category%/%postname%/ does not work…

    Anything other than what is there results in all my pages showing an ‘error’ which in Internet Explorer is….’This Wesbite cannot be found’

    I know for a fact that this should not be the case…

    Maybe your pretty permalinks are not working? Read about them and .htaccess here:

    Pretty Permalinks

    I will have a look into that…looks complicated though!


    Any other suggestions?

    Can anyone else confirm the same?

    No other suggestion than READING everything that has been offered to you, TRYING everything – and coming back only after that.

    Problem sorted…

    I simply decided to contact my host and talk to technical support – he edited the .htaccess file and now my permalinks are working!

    He gave me a code which I have to enter into the .htaccess of every future wordpress website I will make…

    I just hate the fact I had spent hours and he fixed it in 5 minutes…oh well

    I just hate the fact I had spent hours and he fixed it in 5 minutes…oh well

    I had the same problem lol, yeah its the .htaccess you have to edit.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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