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  1. obogans
    Posted 5 years ago #

    I'm using the "Graphene" theme and have made all my color changes to the "Style.CSS" file. All my modifications appear and look STELLAR in Safari, Firefox, Netscape and Chrome, but not so much in IE8. The sidebar banner/titles should be green and so should the "View Full Post" button on the slider, but they are all "Microsoft Blue" not exactly what I was looking for......Help????

  2. Link to your site?

    Have you cleared your IE8 browser cache?

  3. obogans
    Posted 5 years ago #

    Yes all caches are cleared. This problem seems to exist for anyone of my friends that I have asked to test the site for me (10 - 15). My website is Mostabear Newfoundlands. I am really stumped and sure could use any input you could provide. I am working on a MAC, but do have access to a Windows XP box if needed.

  4. I see what you mean.

    You have a number of CSS validation errors. IE8 is less able to render broken CSS. I recommend fixing the errors and seeing if that solves it. Focus on the ones that look like this:

    Value Error : background Too many values or values are not recognized : linear-gradient(left top,#003300,#ccff99) linear-gradient(left top,#003300,#ccff99)

    Also keep in mind that IE8 will simply not render a lot of the advanced CSS you have used, i.e. rounded corners, gradients, shadows. It's a limitation of the browser.


  5. Check your CSS for .sidebar h3

    this line:

    background: url(images/bg-sidebar-h3.png) left bottom repeat-x #003300;

    should be in this order:

    background: #003300 url(images/bg-sidebar-h3.png) repeat-x left bottom;

    Not sure this will fix the background colour of your sidebar titles in IE8 but you could try this one before fixing the other CSS issues.

  6. p.s. when you use the CSS "background" shorthand, you need to list the values in this order:

    background: [background-attachment] || [background-color] || [background-image] || [background-position] || [background-repeat]

    You can omit a value, but they need to be in this order for all browsers to render them properly.

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