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  • I’ve been unable to upload images for a few weeks now. I get the message “image data does not exist. Please re-upload the image.” I have tried several other suggestions from previous threads, like deactivating plugins and changing the theme. I am using wordpress version 3.5.1. What else can I try? Thanks.

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  • What theme are you using?

    Try using firefox with firebug installed.

    Then activate firebug in the top right corner of the screen. The bug will appear orange and a small screen will show, you will then need to goto console tab and reload the page. you will see data being proceeded. Then try uploading a image with this console open. If you have error’s you will see them in red. Post any error’s you see. This will give ppl a better understanding of what is happening if you have jquery or javascript error’s uploading.

    My Current Theme is

    By WooThemes Version 1.1.0
    Designed by WooThemes.

    I installed firebug, and I tried it a couple times. Once I got these messages:

    Image corrupt or truncated:×189.png

    Image corrupt or truncated:×174.png

    When I tried uploading a new photo and then again the same photo from the first time, I didn’t see any error messages in firebug, but the photos were still not uploading. Thanks so much for your help.

    Where are the two images coming from that you have included?

    These particular images are coming from my desktop. However, I’ve tried this on different computers and browsers and using different images, and the images are still not uploading.

    Can you reproduce this problem on the default theme with no plugins active?

    Sorry, I just noticed, the images above that I included as “errors” are not even the photos that I was trying to upload. Not sure whey they were marked as errors.

    I ask because the image you have included are in your wordpress uploads directory… meaning they have been uploaded.

    WPyogi: Is there a way to play around with the default theme without changing the appearance online? In other words, I don’t want to revert back to the old theme we were using on the live site. Also, is the default theme the theme that this website started using? I know the organization changed themes back in January or February. I wasn’t having issues uploading photos when we first switched.

    gabrielcastillo: Yes, those images have been uploaded correctly. I’m not sure why they were red. When I tried uploading images, I didn’t see anything show up in red. I don’t have this problem when uploading pdfs or other files.

    Thanks for helping.

    The purpose of those steps is to try to identify what’s causing the problem… The default theme is twentytwelve. It may be an issue with the theme and/or a plugin – if the theme, you’d need to ask WooThemes for help – as it’s a commercial theme.

    Thanks. Now for the (probably obvious) next questions. Do I download the twentytwelve theme and then activate it on my site? Can I go back to the WooThemes version after I test uploading a photo?

    I would suggest making a backup of the site and running a local development server for testing. this is best practice so you will not disrupt the live site.

    Dev server:

    You can set up wamp or mamp on you local computer, then install your backup of the site.

    I almost always start on my local machine for development and debugging, then I move to a demo live server the production server.

    Thanks that’s exactly what I wanted to know. I will try it now.

    if you test the upload and it works fine with twentytwelve then you know its the woocommerce theme, and like @wpyogi said, you should go to woocommerce and have them help you. They should offer support for their commercial themes.

    If the upload does not work, then this might be the installation of wordpress that you are having issues with and further troubleshooting will be required.

    Just an update. I started to create a testing site on my local computer, but didn’t get very far because, unfortunately, I don’t have the time or expertise. We do not have a dedicated IT person to help us right now. I emailed woocommerce to see if they could help, but I’m still not sure if it’s an issue with the theme or something else. I just don’t want to change the theme on the live site to troubleshoot, but maybe that’s my only option?

    If it’s not the theme that is causing the problem, what else might be the problem? @gabrielcastillo, what do you mean when you say that it might be the “installation of wordpress” that is causing issues?

    Thanks again. I appreciate the help.

    i mean the core files of wordpress might be corrupt or have some issues, and you would need to update or reload if needed. this is a last resort to your troubleshooting steps. I would follow the steps listed above then move forward with installing the core and theme files. This would a last resort though.

    If you want more personal help, you can contact me. my email is on my site, my site is my username with dot net at the end. My email would be in the contact us section.

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