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  • Hoi,

    I have upgrade some of my websites using wordpress. I had the image-upload problems mentioned in other threads and could resolve them in most of my blogs. Except in two. These are older blogs, both coming from B2, via version 1.5 and from then every upgrade when available. I had minor problems before when upgrading, some error messages, but they never gave further problems. But now this are the only two blogs which keep the image upload problems. I can upload, I get the windows to send the image to the post, but from there I get the empty popup window and no image in post. THe gallery stays empty allthough there are more images in the uploadfolder. I read somewhere something about the database, that I have to change something there or start all over again with a fresh database. Okay, if that is needed, it had to be done, but I don’t want to loose al my content. I want to be able to import all the data from the old database in the new one.
    Is there anyone who has done that of is it beter just to wait for a patch to fix this. I can live for a short time without uploading image to my posts and some error messages as long as I can post and my weblog is online.

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