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    We have been using this plugin for years and love it. But just in the past few days/weeks we are having problems adding tasks to existing sheets. I can’t think of what could have changed in wordpress to cause this.

    Open an existing signup sheet (with existing signups).
    Use the (+) button to add 1 new (empty) task at the bottom.
    Fill in the information for this task.
    Use the (+) button 10 times to “clone” the new task.
    Change the dates for the 10 new tasks to 10 new dates.

    This method has always worked in the past. Now when we save, the newly added tasks are all gone. If we add only one task, it saves the new task just fine. But if we try to add several at once, they aren’t saved.

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    If you keep adding tasks to an existing sheet, instead of creating new sheets, eventually you will run up against the limit of the number of form fields that can be handled in the POST type form submission. This limit is defined in your server’s PHP.ini file, with the max_input_vars setting. Default is 1000 fields. Note that my task forms have several hidden fields as well, so if you have the default php.ini file, it ends up being somewhere around 140 tasks before you can’t add any more.

    See the end of this old thread, as this issue has been discussed and resolved already:

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