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  • I’m using WP 3.5 and the current version of EMR (updated on 2013-1-2)
    When replacing a PDF file using the option “Just replace the file” the replaced PDF is “broken”. I can’t name a specific error because every time I replace a PDF there occurs a different error e.g. the embedded font can’t be displayed or several graphics won’t show.
    The only way to replace a PDF without any erros is to name the PDF differently (it has to be a name i have never used before) and to chose the option “Replace the file, use new file name and update all links.”.
    Since i need the URL of links never to change, this way is not really working for me, is anybody experiencing the same kind of problem and knows a solution?
    Thanks for helping.


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  • Plugin Author Måns Jonasson


    I’m sorry, I’ve never heard of this problem before, and I can’t reproduce it.

    If anybody else can see this, or shine a light on why this would be, please post here.

    I’m experiencing this same problem. If I choose the “Just replace the file” option with a PDF the file is corrupt. Firefox reports it as being 0 bytes in size. In my case it is not limited to PDF files. I have the same problem replacing images files, such as a JPG.

    I also am running WordPress 3.5 with Enable Media Replace 2.8.2. In case it matters, my server is a Windows system.

    I’m willing to help troubleshoot this problem. Just let me know what info would be helpful.

    Plugin Author Måns Jonasson


    If you are getting 0 byte errors, that is usually because the web server can not upload files at all. Your /tmp might be full.

    Question: Can you upload new files to WordPress while this error persists?

    I am able to upload files to WordPress, just not with the Enable Media Replace plugin (or at least not successfully). I can even upload files via other plugins that I have installed.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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