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  • I had put in a plug-in which allowed my site to show a list of links to author’s web sites on the side bar of the site. On the site the area is titled “Links To Author’s Web Sites”.

    I no longer want to use this since I am using a profiler plug-in to show information about registered site users and so the information is redundant.

    I went to my plug-ins area to try and remove it, but I can’t seem to figure out which plug-in it might be. I disabled all of my plug-ins temporarily one by one and none of them seemed to disable the function on the site so I am a bit confused.

    The only plug-in I have installed which might be relevant I think is the one called “Get Author Profile”, which was written by Kaf Oseo.

    Even removing this plug-in completely doesn’t remove the list from the site so I am thinking maybe the plug-in may have edited some of my Word Press files permanently such that disabling or removing the plug-from the site completelty will no longer solve the problem.

    Any ideas on how to resolve the above issue would be much appreciated.

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  • Are you using WP-Cache? If so, you are probably seeing the cached version of your page. Is the list of links generated dynamically or was it added to the post content upon save?

    These are some things that you might want to check.

    Thanks my friend. I always reload pages while holding down the control key to force the browser to do a full page reload. Always works I think so I don’t think it is a browser cache issue when i disable plug-ins and check the site to see what the effect is.

    As for the links being generated dynamically or not, I am not sure. The link list is a sidebar list on the site which has nothing to do with actual posts. Not sure really if I understand thatg point, but hope that makes some sense. Thanks!

    If you’re using WP-Cache, it won’t matter if you’re holding down CTRL or not, it’ll still pull the page from the static cache file rather than hitting your database.

    If it is a sidebar thing, is there some function call in the theme that is causing the links to appear? Can you tell me what the function is?

    Sorry for the delay in replying. I had been travelling. Unfortunately there is no function call in the theme that I know of.

    Is there an email address I can reach you at? If so I would be happy to email you some site log-in details so you can see what is happening since the site is password protected.

    Many thanks…

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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