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  • I’ve searched in the archives, but can’t seem to figure out how this problem might be desccribed by someone else.

    I’m having problems previewing pages.

    For example, when I’m in the dashboard and I make a change, as soon as I click on “view site” it takes me to a directory of the site, “Index of /wordpress.” If I add “index.php” to the url, then the page loads correctly with my changes. But I keep getting dumped into my directory (which I haven’t locked out of public viewing yet while I’m still developing) rather than the pages that are supposed to load, like links to categories and month archives.

    You can view this anomaly here:
    Click on one of the categories or load the URL without the /index.php and you’ll see what I mean.

    Thanks in advance for any help you can offer on this. I’m sure the solution isn’t that complicated and evinces my ignorance about the way that php works.

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  • 1. Talk to your host to make index.php a valid index.
    2. Search and find a solution how to do it with a .htaccess file… not sure, never had to use it, but you have to add something like:
    DirectoryIndex index.php

    according to my research this is something that should be modified through the .htaccess file. I’m posting this here now so that this thread will show up in relevant searches. Thus far, I’ve inserted this text into the .htaccess fiel as reccommended by other users here:
    “DirectoryIndex index.php index.html”
    but it doesn’t change anything.

    I’ve tried to search the codex for more detailed information, but I get bumped back into the somewhat haphazard and disorganized list of support threads (which often go unanswered here) … what is really needed in the codex is a more detailed account of what an .htaccess file should look like in order to function properly.

    For example, an html file has to have certain tags in it in order to be recognized as an html file. Is this the case for an .htaccess file? Are there particular tags or other things that need to exist in the .htaccess file in order for it to be recognized as such? I’ve added the text reccomended by people on various threads here, but my changes don’t fix my problem in any way whatsoever.

    In addition, a number of users seem to be having the same problem. Why is this not addressed in the codex, or why isn’t the codex searchable for this issue? If you can point me to a URL in the codex that adequately explains how an .htaccess file should be laid out (if at all…) it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

    Oh yeah… the links to my categories still don’t work either… is this a permalinks issue, or some other issue? I just get dumped back into a page listing my wordpress directory.

    Oh my god… I’m so frustrated. The only thing I did between last night when researching this .htaccess issue and this morning was download a theme from wordpress, install it and select it. Now when I try to manage the .htaccess file through the WP dashboard it says it doesn’t exist. Of course when I view my directiry in terminal or through other ftp software, the .htaccess file is right there, unchanged from the night before.

    Can anyone explain this, or how to make it visible in the dashboard? ack!

    ” when I try to manage the .htaccess file through the WP dashboard” — I want to know how you are trying to do that? I don’t see anywhere in the admin section where I can modify this through the interface.

    Secondly, other than the fact that I got the dir listing when I didn’t include index.php when visiting the site, all the links worked justfine for me.

    And when I did look at the folder listing for your WP site, I don’t see a .htaccess file in there anywhere. IT should be in your wordpress folder. Same place where the index.php file is.


    TechGnome, I’ll bet you were looking into this stuff just as I was on the phone with my sysadmin fixing the problem.

    to answer your first comment, you can manage the .htaccess file here: Manage/files/ (look on right hand side- a link to .htaccess should be there). (although I STILL can’t seem to modify the .htaccess file there, and I once could!)

    but to answer the rest, I got my sysadmin to let my .htaccess files make changes, which were previously prohibited.

    i had temporarily removed the .htaccess file while we were making changes and then reuploaded it and now fortunately all my links that were previously broken work.

    But I still get this error about the .htaccess file in my dashboard, which is somewhat annoying!

    Who says you can’t teach an old gnome new tricks? I didn’t realize that was there…. makes sense though…. I had been looking for it under the Presentation area, where I edit the template files…

    Double check your permissions on the file make sure you can write to it properly. mine is set to -wr–r–r- and I was able to modify it just fine.


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