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    great theme. And thanks for the fresh updates.

    Let me describe my problems and how I fix them right now. Maybe others can participate from it or even find a better solution.

    On my publishing company’s website ( I am planning to use a mobile theme: yours.

    BUT I still want to keep my normal theme for desktop computers. Therefor I use a very good and reliable plugin called Device Theme Switcher.

    Now comes the problem. I have to keep the old theme activated all the time. And then all my individual setting for your mobile theme got lost when used as a switched on child theme. That’s why I decoded all your settings and placed them manually inside my own index.php in folder decode-child.

    set_theme_mod( 'show_sidebar', true );
    set_theme_mod( 'constant_sidebar', 'closing' );
    set_theme_mod( 'sidebar_button_position', 'left' );
    set_theme_mod( 'sidebar_position', 'left' );

    and so on

    This of course is not the smart way because after every theme’s update I have to check of any changes.

    Do you have any better idea?


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  • WordPress saves settings for me when I use the normal Theme Admin UI, I wonder if it’s an issue with the plugin. Maybe try deactivating the plugin and setting Decode the way you want. Then start the plugin again?

    Problem consists when you activate another theme (like I have to do because I have to keep my “normal” theme).
    Once you activate another theme all your settings from the old theme are lost.
    Right now I have three themes:
    1. My normal, main theme which always has to be active
    2. decode
    3. decode child
    Plugin switches between 1. and 3.

    So if this plugin isn’t running, are settings saved when you switch between themes?

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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