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    Hi, I went through other posts regarding this and the suggestions that worked for them didn’t work for me.

    Basically the problems I’m having are that on firefox the circles don’t show up until you hover on top of them, and on Chrome the menu is centered but this is not the case on other browsers.

    I only got these problems when I updated both WP (3.5.1) and Spun (1.02).

    Here is the link

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  • Theme Author Caroline Moore


    Not sure, the demo is running the same version of the theme and appears to be working fine in Firefox. It may be a compatibility issue with SVG graphics and your server. You can remove this line from style.css, which will remove the grayscale in Firefox, but at least the images will show:

    filter: url("inc/desaturate.svg#greyscale");

    I’m not seeing a centered menu in Chrome for either Windows or Mac.

    I had to delete web history from all my browsers for the changes to be visible and it looks like its all good now.

    Is it possible to have the header and the menu not fade away e.i. always fully visible?

    Theme Author Caroline Moore


    Awesome! Thank you so much!

    Hi there Caroline – first of all – thank you – I know nothing about coding, CSS, stuff to do with how to build blogs or websites – but I know your theme and your work made my new blog a real treat to build – thanks. I have been getting people contacting me about Mozilla/Firefox – that the circles cannot be seen until they move over them. I have no clue what that means or what to do to fix it. This is my – I read on another forum that there is some coding that will fix this? I don’t even know where to put it:( any help would be bery much appreciated. thanks Tania

    Theme Author Caroline Moore


    Hi @grainfree.

    You can remove the filter property on the circles in a child theme or Custom CSS plugin (like Jetpack). The following code should work in your child theme’s style.css/Custom CSS plugin:

    .blog .hentry a .attachment-post-thumbnail,
    .archive .hentry a .attachment-post-thumbnail,
    .search .hentry a .attachment-post-thumbnail {
       filter: none;

    This will remove the grayscale effect in Firefox, but should restore the circles. My hunch is some servers/hosts are not set up to allow SVG graphics, but I can’t say for sure. The theme demo works for me in Firefox.

    I don’t offer basic CSS support, but you can find a number of resources to get started here.

    If you have further questions, please post them in a new topic, as this one has been marked resolved. Thanks!

    anyone stuck on this, paste the following into your .htaccess file in the root of your server

    AddType     image/svg+xml                           svg svgz
        AddEncoding gzip                                    svgz

    that fixed it for me

    Thank you Caroline! Great Theme! People using Mozilla Firefox, however, have reported that the page menu on the top right hand corner of the site is illegible. The font is clear on chrome and explorer (and safari). It sort of looks as though the font is all broken up (not that it’s faded). Any fix?

    Moderator Andrew Nevins


    Forum moderator

    That’s the effect of the font family itself, isn’t it? Can’t you see it on the theme’s demo site?

    Let’s discuss this in your own thread.

    Started a new thread.

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