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  • Hi, everybody!
    I’m having a problem moving my site, and I can’t find all the answers, despite the many topics I’ve found addressing similar problems.

    I published my blog to ‘’, but now I’m trying to move it to the main address to make it more accessible.

    In the Settings>General menu, I’ve tried changing ‘WordPress address’ and ‘site address’ from ‘’ to ‘’. Whenever I do this for the WordPress address, I am no longer able to access the admin section. I can get to a text login page with the original URL, but once I login, it isn’t there. If I type in the original URL for the blog, I get a text-only version of it, too, and there’s nothing when I type in the new URLs. To get everything to work again, I have to manually change the addresses in the SQL database back to what they were.

    I’ve tried moving the wordpress files within the database out of the ‘wp’ folder so that they’re just in the “” folder, but when I do that nothing works.

    I know this is a really simple problem. I’m pretty new to this. It’s just that none of the instructions in the codex seem to be working…
    Anyone know what to do?

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Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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