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  • It seems like I have been working on this problem forever and just cannot figure it out. I had my blog in a folder under my web site ( I was told that this was not a good idea and that I should put it in a subdomain.

    I created the subdomain and then copied my wp files and my blog files to a directory in my subdomain. The new location of my blog is

    I changed the URI addresses for WordPress and for my blog. From the WP Dashboard, I selected Options –> General Options to do this.

    When I log back in as admin, I no longer see the WP Dashboard heading where I can select items. This is what I see instead:

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    There is no Dashboard heading at all. I must have missed a step along the way, but I sure don’t know what it is. Please help! I am not a techie, so please provide the answer in simple words…

    Thank you! Jeanne

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  • Check the “Moving” section of


    Sorry, but I need more “basic” instructions. I also cannot edit my phpMyAdmin. My hosting company cannot seem to get it set up! Any other ideas? Thanks.

    i suppose you could use the database backup plugin (sorry – don’t have the URL handy) to backup your DB, then just delete everything (after you’re SURE you’ve safely got a copy of the DB) then re-install WordPress and start over. then just restore your DB.

    but i’ve never done this… so it could result in more problems…

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