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  • Hi everyone,
    I just bought a bluehost account, installed my wordpress, and got the domain login. The issue is that my current WordPress account is still the same, and now I have two seperete websites. I’ve already gone ahead and exported my site data, but how can I get my current URL migrated to my new bluehost wordpress. I’ve called my domain provider and they were no help. I was told I need to have my DNS rerouted to DNS to:

    How can I do this? Do I delete my current website or what? I know I’m not alone in this issue, but I’m just running into a million roadblocks. Thanks!

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  • You need to log into the domain provider account and move the DNS. The thing you want to do is set the name server. Search Google for “Change name servers at <your domain provider>” and you’ll probably find instructions, maybe even a YouTube demo to do so. You set the name servers to the 2 that you’ve listed above. It’s a little bit different for different domain providers.

    For example:



    Wow they should be able to change your DNS for you. Sounds like they might not be a reliable host. If they won’t help you or let you change your DNS you can go directly to ICANN and request for the domain to be moved.



    one thing there is you have to figure out where the domain is registered through right now in order to change it. Sites like this show you who the registrar is.

    on that one it calls it a Registrar WHOIS Server and Registrar URL (once you look it up), to change the nameservers you just go to the url of whoever currently controls your domain for you and use that to contact their support (or login on their control panel whichever is easier). Registrars can change nameservers pretty fast, changing them through ICANN can take a while.



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Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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