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Problems loggin in but only as Admin

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  • Anyone?

    Call your hosting company?

    I did that long time ago. This posting is my last resort. It’s a client cite, they have a lousy hosting company and all they say is “we don’t support WordPress after it’s installed” We only support your hosting.

    BTW, I’ve also eliminated a plugin conflict.

    The obvious … try a different browser?

    Same on Firefox, Safari, Chrome and IE.

    I’m going to check the .htaccess file again. Maybe I missed something?

    Turn off all your plugins (by renaming the folder plugins-old). Maybe you have a conflict.

    As I said earlier, I’ve eliminated a plug-in conflict. Did that first.



    hmmm i’ve been having the same problem since I upgraded wordpress to 3.1
    if a visit my site then try to login again as admin it just loops back to the login page. In order to login as admin I have close the browser tab then open a new browser tab then and only then I can login as admin.

    most annoying

    I haven’t upgraded to 3.1 yet. I actually have to request a new password and then it only works the one time. Very strange.

    magicmummy – Sounds like cookie problems.

    sleenmg – HOW did you eliminate plugin conflicts? The reason I said the rename is that sometimes just disabling them in admin doesn’t actually turn ’em all off.

    I renamed the plugin folder to oldplugins and then moved each plugin over one at a time to a new directory and tested each time. I’ve had to do that on other sites.

    I know it isn’t a cookie problem because I’ve had to do a re-install of Windows 7 during the past month and it continued to happen. Plus it happens on any computer I’m on not just mine.

    I just find it strange that it’s only the admin one. I’ve changed the names and passwords, gone into the database and even changed from there. The new password only works once and then I start all over again.



    sorry to but in on you problem there sleenmg, thought we were in the same boat.

    ipstenu, I think you are right, not sure what I need to do to fix it though…

    sleenmg – When you renamed it to old plugins, you DID test with them all off, right? I know, I’m being pedantic, but I want to be sure I understand what YOU did and not assume! 🙂

    What happens if you add a NEW admin account?

    (and no, you don’t have a cookie problem, Magicmummy probably does – and MM should try a different browser for a test, and make a new topic *hint hint* for support if that fails to help.)



    oh, yes thanks, hint taken (sorry again)….

    Can’t believe I’m still dealing with this problem. Any more suggestions?

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)
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