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  • Hi,

    I’m trying to install the wp-pagenavi plugin and not having much luck.

    I’m trying to achieve two things.

    1) install it on my sketchbook page to link static pages together. i did a series of sketches last year and i’d like each page to be one weeks worth of sketches. so the pages all need to be linked together. i don’t want to link posts on this one. only pages. i have to have them separated so i can’t just use one gallery. here’s that link:

    and problem #2

    2) i’d like to install it on the blog only page of my website, not the pages in this case, only the blog posts. (this is a completely separate installation of wordpress.

    i’ve tried installing it on my sketchbook page but for some reason it seems to be doing something weird to the sidebar and pushing it all the way under the content. i also can’t quite figure out how to link pages together.

    i’ve inserted the <?php wp_pagenavi(); ?> code on my index file in the presswork theme folder but i’m not sure if that’s the right place. the pagination related code that the tutorials say to replace seems to be slightly different in the presswork theme. thanks in advance.

    if this can’t be done with this plugin, an alternative suggestion would also be appreciated. thanks in advance.

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  • Moderator bcworkz


    I’m not familiar with this plugin, but all nav links work off the current query, how they present the information derived is the only part that varies. Thus if you get the query for your sketch book correct, the page navigation should just work. For example, if each sketch is contained on a separate page, an index page limiting sketches to 7 per page would result in each index page representing a week. Index page 1 will have the first 7 sketches and index page 22 will represent the 22nd week with sketches 148-155.

    The moving your sidebar issue is unfortunate, but can surely be resolved by tweaking the CSS once everything else is working.

    I’m also unfamiliar with your theme, but the default theme does have index pagination on the index.php template for posts, but for pages it is not on page.php. Not sure how it works for a page index. For single posts or pages it is on the corresponding content page. What generates the nav content varies greatly by theme, so do not expect examples to match up, you’ll need to experiment to locate the right portion of the right template. Try inserting some temporary test text on a prospective template and see where the nav links end up in relation to your text. This should give you an idea if you’re getting close or not.

    the sidebar issue is not a CSS problem. before i inserted the pagination code it was lined up perfectly.

    Moderator bcworkz


    Yes, it is not the problem, but it may be the solution. The navigation has altered the flow of your page content, and CSS can be used to put things where they belong. But don’t do anything about this until you are sure you’ve found the correct placement on your template because the flow will change depending on where it is inserted. The issue may resolve itself once you find the right location.

    well i can’t figure out how to do pagination with a plugin but i found something in the theme itself so i started a new thread but it was closed. i opened the other thread because it concerned the theme and not plugins. i no longer want to discuss the plugin associated with this thread.

    i want to discuss the theme so can the other thread located here ( be opened and this one closed?

    it would have been nice if a moderator could have commented on the other thread so i could know it was closed instead of waiting for days for someone to reply so i got an email alert.



    Forum Moderator

    your closed topic was not clearly enough marked as specific to the used theme; unfortunately the topic cannot be moved it to the right sub forum.

    it might be inconvenient for you, but please post again in the theme’s direct support section:

    re: sidebar issue;

    try to move the the wp-pagenavi code to after this code:

    </ul> <!-- end #main-wrapper ul -->

    thanks i’ll give it a try, & reposting too. i hadn’t posted it there since presswork was discontinued i didn’t know if the support form was still active.

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