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    I have been working all day on trying to upload a template I purchased from it is called cleancorp.

    I unzipped the file once downloaded and then rezipped just the theme file, but I continue to get an error that says no style css.

    I had an expert at hostgator (my hosting service) work on the download manually for over an hour tonight and he wasn’t able to get it installed either.

    Can anyone help? Please!!!

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  • What do you mean you “unzipped the file once downloaded and then rezipped just the theme file”?

    Did you look in the zipped file to see if there was a file titled “style.css”?

    Usually what I do is unzip the file then use FTP to upload the folder to where I need it.

    The other way is though the install tab under “Appearance->Theme”


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    ask the vendor for installation instructions

    Cadfile, I originally tried using the WP upload feature (which would have been slick had it worked), but I got an error message there was no style.css file. The theme subfile(cleancorp) had the style.css file–the other files in the entire download were plugins, documentation, etc. I was told to unzip the original download, zip the theme file and then use the WP dashboard, appearance, theme upload. This didn’t work either.

    I had an expert from hostgator try to use FTP to upload and that didn’t work either.

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    I have about had it with this process but I absolutely love the template.

    You should be aware that that vendor is in violation of the WP GPL – so any themes from there are not supported or welcome here. I’d strongly recommend you find another theme.

    I would try uploading a different theme just to make sure that function works.

    It is strange that FTP didn’t work – sounds like maybe the file was corrupted.

    Good suggestion, thank you.

    I got another note from someone that siad this cleancorp template does not comply with WP GPL, and it is not welsome on the WP platform. Any truth to that?

    Thanks for your assistance.

    Yes, that is true – you can use it, but it won’t be supported or welcome on these forums.

    I am a novice. I stepped away from the problem for a day and then retried using the FIlezilla ftp again. It worked like a charm.

    Thanks for the help everyone!

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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