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    Note: No one replied to either of my two requests for assistance in the Troubleshooting forum, so I’m repeating the post here:

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    Would someone please reply to this request? I’m been in a holding pattern all day, and need to get this resolved.

    I’m using the browser uploader…Flash 9, not 10…Firefox 3.0.4…WordPress 2.6.5.

    The images upload to the gallery fine from my desktop…half the time. The other half of the time, it just hangs indefinitely, regardless of how small the image file is.

    When clicking on “Show” in the Gallery, nothing happens.

    Each time I leave the site, all images disappear from the Gallery.

    There is a small empty box/square to the left of “Show” labeled “Order”–no clue if that’s supposed to mean or do something.

    In all the posts regarding similar problems, I see other users mentioning an “Insert into post” button. No such button or language appears anywhere in the “From computer” section or Gallery window…the one in the “From URL” section is grayed out.

    When I click on the “Add an Image” icon in the visual editor, the ever-frustrating browser uploader window opens. If I click on the Gallery tab, I’m back to the “Show” button that does nothing and no button labeled “Insert into post.”

    I’ve looked endlessly on both the and .org sites for a Support link…have also searched my copy of WordPress for a similar link…nothing there either. I truly feel like I’ve been left all alone out here with no one to help.

    Please, please, please, please, please reply to let me know how to insert photos since this doesn’t appear to function as one would expect. If there’s user documentation written for people who don’t code for a living, that would be helpful too. Big time.


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