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    First of all, thank you for a very nice plugin.
    Unfortunately after upgrading to v1.6.0, popups seems to not work in Safari, hope it’s not just me. I tried on three different Macs and versions of Safari.

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  • It’s not just you. It no longer works in Firefox or Safari but still works in Chrome. I was thinking of buying the Divi Areas plugin but I want to see if this is going to be fixed first (and how quickly).

    Having the same problem here… working well on Chrome but stop working on Safari.
    I does work on Firefox in my case… But on Safari is no longer appearing without any errors.

    I also have the same problem.

    The popup doesn’t work in Safari and Firefox (desktop & mobile) as well as Chrome (just mobile).

    FYI – The error I’m getting in Safari is..

    TypeError: jQuery(window).setInterval is not a function. (In ‘jQuery(window).setInterval(a,750)’, ‘jQuery(window).setInterval’ is undefined)

    Even the examples at fail.

    I think the code should read jQuery(window.setInterval(a,750)) – when I changed it in front.js in the js subdirectory of the plugin it started working again.

    If you’re going to fix it manually yourself, don’t forget to clear the cache and reload the page

    Ooh, this works. Thanks Glenn

    Thanks for that Glenn 😉

    Yes indeed, thank you Glenn.
    Let’s hope Philipp finds some time for an update of this sweet little plugin soon.

    Thank you @continuit 🙂


    Your solution doesn´t work for me @continuit 🙁 , I was about to buy DIVI Areas too but I´m not happy that this problem is not solved by the developer by now, I have a client very angry because of all this. Anyone knows another way to use popups with DIVI safely?

    Plugin Author Philipp Stracker


    Sorry for my delay here. Thanks to your reports I could find the typo fast – I’ve overlooked a wrong merge- in the GIT repo.

    I’ve fixed the issue and am testing the changes in all browsers. An update will be ready in 1-2 hours!

    Thanks, Philipp

    Thank you so much Philipp, both for quick action and again, the very nice plugin.

    Plugin Author Philipp Stracker


    I’ve just released the update 1.6.2 – I’ve skipped 1.6.1 because in a different thread someone used the version-string 1.6.1 to force a cache refresh.

    With the update, everything is back to normal (tested in Firefox/Safari/Chrome/Edge 18). Please let me know in case you experience any other issues.

    Thanks a ton and happy Popup-ing! Philipp 🙂

    Hi @strackerphil-1, still not working for my client, before 1.6.0 version everything was working fine

    Client website, in “Servicios Juridicos” area the buttons call one popup each

    It’s either your browser cache or server side caching that needs to be cleared.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 19 total)
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