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    Hi guys,

    First, I would like to ask you to check all access you have to your Pretty Link Pro Support interface. I am a customer and both the button inside the Pro Area (“Send a Pro Support Request” green button) and the link to the support in the site (footer of Home Page in redirect wrongly and give an error page as the answer (I have tried both Chrome and Firefox, both up-to-date).

    Thus I am here, the only place I was able to find you guys 🙂

    Well, the problem I have is that I am not able to get one specific link cloaked anyway I try. I can cloak any links I try, except this one.

    I have tried in two different sites, and I was able to replicate this in both of them: I can cloak any link except this.

    As it is an affiliate link, I don’t want to post it here. If you guys can give me a way to send you this link to test I appreciate it.

    Thanks! 🙂



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  • +1, because their apparent server issue (or whatever is happening) broke something in the plugin. Namely, I seem unable to reactivate the premium functions after the latest update. I thought that maybe I just inserted a wrong password (unlikely, since it’s saved, but I tried before ranting), but I can’t even go on the site to check.

    All in all, I guess the plugin is just trying to connect to and can’t… just like me.

    NOT cool!

    If the devs are reading… I don’t know if you decided to discontinue the plugin.
    (If connection issues lasted so long, and such a question goes unanswered for a week, that’s the first thing that comes to mind)

    It’s annoying if you did, but it’s still legal, we won’t sue you, so don’t be shy… 🙂
    Just tell us if we should start considering alternatives.

    (and find a solution to my inability to use the features I paid for, please)

    My whole WP dashboard is blank since I did this morning’s update and some post url’s have broken.

    i sent a direct email to the developer early this morning but still no response. If I delete the plugin from my WP plugin folder on my server, I’ll lose all my manually created links and I suspect the scores of links on my site will become 404 redirects.

    Tell me this isn’t happening!

    Plugin Author Blair Williams


    We didn’t discontinue the plugin … don’t worry Demorden … we had a server issue this morning which was the issue you were experiencing.

    Also, hilmil … just saw your support request, we’ll help you in our ticketing system.

    For the record though, if you delete the pretty-link folder from your wp-content/plugins folder you will *not* lose all your links permanently.

    If you’re having issues / conflicts with a new release, it can be a good stop-gap technique to delete the directory and then upload the previous version of pretty-link until we can help you get the new version working properly … that way your links stay intact.

    Much thanks supecleanse for your quick reply.

    Please tell me where to find the file for the previous version. I’m assuming I should just upload it to my plugin folder via FTP.

    Plugin Author Blair Williams


    The older versions of the plugin are easy to find here:


    Hi Blair,

    Nice to see you here. If you could tell me how I could access Pretty Link Pro Support to open a new ticket, I appreciate it (as I told in my previous post in this thread, it is not working).

    I would like to have a help with the specific link not cloaked, if you guys could take a look. I want to send it to you so you could test, but I don’t want to post it here, as it is an affiliate link from a customer of mine.

    Anyway, more details follow above in my previous post.




    Plugin Author Blair Williams


    If you’re a pretty link pro customer and you have issues with the premium support form you can always just submit a ticket directly to our zendesk ticketing system here:

    Just make sure you enter your Pretty Link Pro username in the body of the message and we’ll get you taken care of.



    Plugin Author cartpauj


    Hi Marcus, we’re working on getting the premium support page fixed. As for your cloaking issue, chances are the link you’re trying to cloak is not allowed by the merchant. Some merchants break cloaked links to their sites — such as Amazon, Google, Facebook, Clickbank, and a few others. You’ll want to contact the merchant of the link you’re trying to cloak and see if cloaking is allowed by their TOS.



    Hey @cartpauj

    For you Shortcode Redirect plugin, is it possible to make the redirect links open in a new tab?

    Plugin Author cartpauj


    @theconservativeeagle, no it’s not capable of doing that currently. It would require javascript to do that, and even then most modern browsers block javascript pop-ups without the user initiating them first with a click.

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