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  • I am a teacher who uses, which is a wordpress product. I’m wondering whether anyone else uses them and has had difficulties these past couple of days getting in to work on blogs. My teachers are all now using edublogs, so this is frustrating.

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  • Afraid we can’t help you with edublogs.

    They appear to be down…

    And down again. This is the second day I can’t access my blog.

    Do any teachers know of a more reliable service? Edublogs clearly can’t get it together to do its job.

    Just for the record: edublog is not a wordpress “product”.
    The owners of the edublog website are using the MU (multi user) version of the WP software – a free, open-source script:

    Whether the site is functional or not – it’s solely the owner’s responsibility.

    Does anyone know when the edublogs site will be back up or is it down permanently. I went to the address sighted up in the moderations but that has nothing to do with the edublogs site. Is there any way to contact them. I have students working directly on the site for grades and I need to set up another option for them if this one is gone.

    We haven’t any idea. has no association with edublogs. Edublogs was using wordpress-mu from to run those blogs. It’s not a subsidiary, or a partner, or a function, of, sorry.

    I have read all of these posts and I am still unable to get the information that I need. I realize that WordPress is not associated with edublogs or learnerblogs, but it is a WordPress message that appears when I type in This is the only contact information I am provided. In addition, the reference sited in prior comments is not connected with edublogs as well. Just last week I created a learnerblog account for 130 students in my English classes. We spent a great deal of curricular time doing this. Now, the site is non-functional. I have no idea if and when it will be back up, and I have curriculum to plan and computer labs to reserve for next week. Is there anyone out there who can tell me what is going on. Will edublogs and learnerblogs be back on line ever? Did I make a big mistake trying to incorporate technology into my classroom?

    If you dig up every thread that mentions edublogs here and re-post this, you’ll have other concerns by Monday as well.

    Please do not continue to repost. See the replies to your previous post in this thread:




    “Will edublogs and learnerblogs be back on line ever?”

    youre not reading — NO-ONE here has that answer, since no-one here is related to that site. The message that is being displayed is the STANDARD message ALL wp-multiuser OR regular wordpress users see when their blog is down. It is, in fact, derelect of whoever is managing that site to leave that message as they did — it should have been edited to reflect that this is NOT where people need to go with issues.

    “Did I make a big mistake trying to incorporate technology into my classroom?”

    Is this a rhetorical question, or do you REALLY want to discuss this?

    Funny stuff.
    There is and

    The owners are NOT the same – at least according to whois records.
    Both sites are down at this moment.
    Well, the owner of .org at least has his own blog where on Sept. 3 an upgrade was announced. Then a rollback in the comments. Then nothing… just people asking.

    Well, yeah. And I did in some topic or other like this give contact info for .org. None of these folks have ever said if they tried to contact by email or (800 – that is FREE) phone number, and if so, what happened.

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