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  • I made a site with MAMP but when I try to import the SQL file exported in MAMP’s PHPmyAdmin, I get an error #1210 – Incorrect arguments to DATA DIRECTORY .

    Amazingly a Google search turns up almost nothing. The closest I found was this bug report in which a poster describes a problem that did not occur with 5.0.41 (which MAMP uses) but does occur in 5.0.45. I host on Powweb, which uses 5.0.43. Though the exact text of error message and the workarounds didn’t seem to fit my situation. It mentioned a problem with Unsigned parameters so I did a find and replace to remove them from the SQL file but that did not help.

    I’m pretty baffled and frustrated. Anyone have any clue what’s wrong?

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  • Here’s a bit of additional info-

    A second site, that was much simpler in content, imported fine. I was also able to import an earlier version of the problem site fine a couple months ago. Unfortunately I don’t have that earlier sql file to test again.

    I’ve just had the same error when trying to amend the structure of a table on a local mysql installation.

    A restart fixed the problem, although that’s easier to do locally. Contact your host and ask them to restart their db server.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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