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  1. rayne
    Posted 8 years ago #

    I've already done a search and haven't found any useful info, so I'm making my own post.

    I'm trying to import from Textpattern using the import script from the wp install and also from a script I found in the codex. Neither one is working and I think I might have narrowed down the problem...

    so my question is Do I have to have both wp and txp installed in the same DB?? I ask this because when I give it a prefix, it picks up the correct table name from the txp database, but appends the prefix, but the problem is I don't have prefixes on my txp tables. If I leave the prefix blank (since there are none), it's like it won't run the script to get the info from txp, then I keep getting errors saying that the wp_ tables don't exist in my txp database. Well, I know they don't.

    I'm so confused, but if I can't get my txp info into WP, then that defeats the purpose of switching and I might as well stay with TXP. At least it's running fine.

    Can anyone help?


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