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  • Hi –

    First, my specs:
    – Just upgraded to WP 2.0.1
    – Importing Blogger content into WP
    – IE 6.0 (all updates current)
    – Win XP, SP2

    I’ve been trying to import my Blogger content into WP using the built-in Import tool in the WP Admin interface. I keep getting a javascript error icon in the left corner of my IE browser saying “Done but with errors” and then the import window goes blank and freezes. I have to hit reload in order to get it working again, and it takes me back to the Blogger import login screen. It only imports 2 Blogger posts at a time before it freezes.

    I’ve tried importing on three different computers with different configurations – and all give me the same error messages.

    Anyone have the same experience? Any suggestions?

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  • I’m having the same trouble importing from Blogger.

    I’m having the same trouble importing one of blogs right now. I wonder if it has something to do with the multiple crashes Blogger has been having today. Reminds me of the greatness of one’s own server, with WP on it:)

    I’m having the same problem. I’ve reset the dang thing more times than I can count and yet it still has problems with the last 7 months of blogger blogs. Arg! If anyone figures a way around this problem, let me know +o)

    Still not working. I wonder if it’s Blogger’s constant problems for the last few days. I imported another Blogger blog to another WP blog last weekend, and it worked just fine. Blogger’s down now, as a matter of fact. Good reasons to be swithing my other blog to WP:)

    Well, it took me a good two days to finally import all my posts….had to just keep resetting the import tool all day until it finally imported everything over. What a pain in the a$$, but thankfully I only have to do it once. 🙂

    Also, I’ve noticed that the import process somehow screws up the formatting of the original blog post….especially for posts with multiple images. For example, it inserted divs where there weren’t any to begin with….

    I’m also having problems with the Blogger import but they are slighty different. They were happening with 2.0 and now also 2.0.1.

    My problem is that when I enter a name and password I immediately get a “The page cannot be displayed” (in IE) in the frame indicating some sort of server or DNS error. It doesn’t matter whether I enter a valid or invalid name and password, it is almost immediate, like there is something wrong with the POST.

    When I first setup WordPress 2.0 last month this didn’t happen, instead the page would loading forever (and usually give up). It is possible that my host has changed something since then, but the fact is it still doesn’t work. The only sign I see that something is going wrong on the server is a line that shows up in my server logs at the same time…

    [Mon Feb 06 04:59:00 2006] [error] [client] not well-formed (invalid token) at line 139, column 29, referer:

    Any ideas?

    Still stumped. I imported another blog from Blogger just last week, with no problems at all. This week, the importer keeps stopping, skipping comments and deciding it wants to post dozens of posts twice. I’ve cleared the database a dozen times (so that my post IDs don’t start in the 70s or 90s).

    Since I have to upload 347 images and do all the comments manually for 400+ posts, I wonder if I shouldn’t suck it up and do them all one by one and then just try to import the comments…

    Now Blogger’s going to be down for one hour tonight, from 7-8 Pac. time.

    I keep asking about this, but it seems like it should be possible for someone who is smarter than me to write some php script to fix the image links from a blogger import.

    Parse the WP DB, look for any .jpg files hosted on, download them into a directory, and update the links. Anyone want to give it a try?

    This might be an obvious question, but are all of you encountering these errors using IE? Has anyone tried a better browser, like Firefox or Opera. I know IE gives strange errors sometimes, even the server/DNS error – all while the very same page is working perfectly in Firefox.

    Maybe give a different browser a try, clear your cache and that stuff. I believe blogger is having some issues as of late, that could be a cause as well.

    Good luck,

    Niziol asked,
    > are all of you encountering these errors using IE? Has anyone tried a better browser, like Firefox …?

    I use Firefox; have had that error and am still waiting for a reply to my question days ago (:> |

    I use Firefox, and I’m having problems importing blogger files into WP2.0.

    First attempt, 27 posts came over without a hitch, comments and all. Great. Only ~480 more posts to go. Then it froze, and nothing happened for the next thirty minutes.

    I tried doing it all over again, after first repairing my blogger template, but now NOTHING happens.

    I’m very frustrated . . .


    I got an idea from another thread. I’m going to setup an Apache+php+MySQL server on my PC and try importing my blogger blog to that. This way I have full control over the server and software that could be causing problems.

    If that works then I assume there is a way to export the DB and import it to my live server.

    Can anyone who has done a flawless blogger import recommend a server combo (prefereably one of those all-in-one downloads) that should work?

    I cleared my databases and tried again, and it worked this time. I got someone to help me check, and it got all 400+ posts and 900 comments except for one, and that was easy enough to fix. I didn’t do anything differently, other than try at university with a better connection speed that my back-country DSL. Same browser (latest Firefox), too. I hope some other folks are finding that it works, too.

    I’ve started a new thread regarding installing a local version of WP to do the blogger import and then copy my DB. I am mid process, but so far so good.

    I’ve got the same problem for weeks, but I tried using FireFox in WinXP it works fine and importing now.

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